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Mothers share the experience: breathing exercises during labor


Courses for pregnant necessarily taught how to breathe during labor. What these exercises, and whether or not to help in this crucial time? This we learned from mothers themselves.

Proper breathing - a extremely momentous condition for lightness and painless childbirth. The fact that a breathing exercises Oxygenating body of mom and baby, and helps distract with the pain, manage stress and control the whole process of responsible long-awaited birthday of a baby.

Learning to control your breathing, depending on stage of labor, correct even during pregnancy. Taught this in a first put in a course for expectant mums.



Before birth went on courses, however much happy. Breathing helped great, especially in those moments when it was impossible to push comes to help focus on your breathing. It is as well diverted water, I sat in the shower a entire period of contractions, the pain vanished.



Not a word however to help. Not everything that give courses all much individual was. Therefore, in a first pregnancy several variant training centers visited. Adjust one of a comments, if breath 6, exhale - 2 times longer than it need be. However a kid gets more oxygen.

What helped: close a eyes, remove, harsh sounds, breathing into the account, or "on Lamazou," suppose you sing sounds, like "A" or "Ommmm", smile and relax. So a pain is not perceived however a test, but however one more step to the newborn.



Went to a courses, we were trained there rightly on the breath, how that regardless of the head to work, and DZ asked. Probably helped, hard to say, because you do not breathe and I did not strive. A idea's yet the fact that the kid does not forget to give oxygen. But on the whole delivery went much good, the memories are nice, my daughter 14/9 Apgar was a doctor and was praised.

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