What the father want teach his son


Be brave

Your rewards those who act so if we act boldly, the award twice. Timidity is not valuable. If you request something, do not hesitate to beris for it and go forward.

Be disciplined and tidy

You need all have time and do high quality: watch hairstyle regularly attend shower, wash out clothes, dress neatly and always keep myself in excellent bod.

Love animals

Man's good friend - a dog. Treat your pet rightly, and a pet will as well treat you. Remember, you have friends, family and the whole world, and the dog has alone you.

Think big

Little dreams are useless and pathetic. Think big and accomplish more results. Put big goals, strive to be consummate, higher, faster and stronger.

Save your money

Spending money on new-fangled gadgets and useless without delaying the sum for a rainy day - at least silly. Always have savings, even if not a biggest.

Do not talk

Complete to do than talk. On his plans making no sense to tell anyone, put them with you.

PUSH confidently hand

Strong and confident handshake says much. Sluggish and hesitant - too, but the opposite.

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