However the expectant mother cope with cramps



I often have cramps, particularly in the right, however much how that as a lot of weapons (husband along then a fear is covered)), drink vitamins, magnesium drink, cottage cheese, raw vegetables, fresh fruits, all as expected..


I knew from experience that in addition to drugs, which appoints Doctor, Stretch immediately of the sleep, as you can still avoid cramps)))


I keep them started around a 24th 7 days, not permanent, a medical man said, she said she did not keep enough calcium, and calcium has written two weeks to drink. And I noticed you come at night, when I accidentally rolled complete on his back and lay on his back


Helped me "Magnesium B6" and taking a multivitamin.


This child began to pull potassium and calcium with the aging body. Magne B6 and calcium.

Kate Pchelkina

Seizures ofttimes. This lack of calcium. I personally do not same vitamin tablets, It is possible to try to compensate for dairy items: dumplings, milk, etc.


By a method, saw a YouTube video with tips midwives because of cramps advised to eat ripe bananas, apricots and almonds, how they contain magnesium.

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