Child dictates the rules of a game


Yes, obey gravely, particularly a child. Especially if you come up with the game more interesting, but he does not want to play it.

• You are locked in a newborn's evolution

In every game, you strive to find the meaning of developmental, educational objectives. But if not, be sure to seek to append anything training-expanding - fine motor skills, learning to read, account, etc. That is the goal - not a game, but a child's education.

• it is hard to relax

This happens when you think about things too seriously. By the building of the baby, his games, to household and other cases, to the evaluation of others. Housework may wait, yet you will never be undone. With a simple, fun, funny mom is much more interesting than the business and always busy.

Yes, indeed, moms many reasons why playing with the children do not require to:

• games for babies is however simple, primitive, you do not know how to play them, then;

• demand a more developmental and intellectual;

• claim a more productive (sew, draw);

• lazy, hard to move yourself up and have going;

• Fatigue...

A decision, of course, there's every issue. No hopeless situations. For example, here are 3 ways so to come up with new themes for the games and make them evolve, intelligent and productive.

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