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The correct breathing and tell about antenatal:



I tried to breathe so so taught in a consultation: belly, slowly and methodically. It helped immensely. I must say that the alone thing that helped me ease a pain, even though I tried to use other methods (stroking the lower abdomen, for example, etc.), you are getting worse. A breath of beautiful help to relax and fight complete tolerated

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If you solve to learn breathing exercises, put it much seriously. It is momentous to learn so to perform them well: proper breathing contributes to a process of labor and wrong - it just complicates and slows down.

Approximately mothers and online reading, and courses are taught proper breathing, but when the hour "X", you lost everything and completely overlooked:



In courses taught in the books she was reading, but when the moment came - all out of my head out. What is breathing - when later 113:00 contractions do not have to think?



Girls, what did you give sadists 25 hours, 2 times? Deliveries should not finish more than 18 hours, more if it is testimony to a COP.

Pregnant learned to breathe from a video, in the hospital, I forgot all screaming, sobbing, gnawing tile, shorter behaved abominably.

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