As a expectant mother cope with cramps


During pregnancy, many gerls regularly occur muscle cramps. Not the most pleasant feeling, though temporary and not serious. How to deal with them?

Cramps - is paroxysmal involuntary muscle contraction. Feels like a strong sharp which reduces muscle pain, often in a lower leg or foot, occasionally - in the mitt, neck, toes. In pregnant women, calf cramps are common - they normally occur at night during sleep or in a right after waking up.

Causes of seizures

The main cause of seizures during pregnancy is a lack of vitamins and minerals. Particularly potassium, calcium and magnesium. In the 1-st trimester due to a lack of toxicity and its associated vomiting and decreased appetite, and the second and third - growth of a newborn and his wants, respectively.

The risk of seizures increases scheduled in those who smoke or consume large amounts of caffeinated drinks (strong watter and coffee).

Any cause of seizures - reducing a level of glucose in a blood of a future mom. In this case, split meals, which helps to maintain the indispensable level of glucose in the blood.

If a pregnant young woman diagnosed with anemia, it is very likely, it will also suffer with repetitive seizures.

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