How old makeup differs with winter


Summer for mitt service cream is desirable to use a lighter texture. Any cosmetic enterprises keep separate mitt creams for winter and summer. Choosing the serum at a store, make sure that its composition does not comprise glycerin. This insidious component. The 1-st effect is that you get by using a cream with glycerin - shine and silky facial skin. But in the long term, it is harmful to a skin, so it prevents the penetration of oxygen and accelerates aging.

Thoroughly chosen home attention facilities are often able to bring a face more good than professional treatments that are made from time to time. To have a most out of home care, it is desirable to entrust the range of a dermatologist, who will take into account your age, skin type, its state, and based on that make up an individual program.

Interesting Facts

• Use SPF is required even in cloudy weather. Harmful solar rays penetrate done a clouds, a aqua column, the shadow veil.

• The concentration of the active components decreases as a enumeration of the cosmetic item. That is, the substance that is listed in a summary to the cream 1st, present in big quantities.

• Use winter cleansers with abrasive particles can, but not earlier going out in the evening, before then applying creams.

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