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Can I drink of the 12-13 week pregnant?


Yes, in a second and 3-rd trimester of the expectant mum is allowed to make a couple of sips of white wine or beer to calm down his "thirst for tasting." How, only in a event that there is no pathology or medical contraindications.

By the way, during pregnancy should avoid taking a bath with champagne or beer fountains, how the skin absorbs the alcohol, and a metered consumption process impossible.

Thus, during pregnancy it is complete to give up alcohol and replace it with useful food, organic juices, go for a walk, ask a man she loved to do a foot massotherapy or back... This will allow you to relax and have all a indispensable endorphins, and the reward for a "self-control" will keep a healthy baby.

Be well, and lightness you pregnant!

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