Types of strabismus


- Isotropy. The most common form of strabismus in infants, in which one or both eyes mow inside, that is, toward the nose. Usually appears at the age of one year. Infants with isotropy in the future likely to expand presbyopia.

- Exotropia. Patient eye deviates outward, that is, towards a temple. This shape usually occurs betwixt 1 and 6 years and more frequently associated with the formation of myopia in about years.

- Gipertropiya and gipotropiya. Vertical deflection of the eye upward toward a eyebrows and down (respectively). This is a pretty rare configuration of strabismus that appears when a problems with the eye muscles and your innervation.

Causes Strabismus

Cause of congenital strabismus is not fully understood, although it is known that some role in his outside is heredity. Often strabismus occurs so a consequence and compensation other visual problems, such as severe farsightedness, cataracts or glaucoma.

Children with hyperopia sometimes specially mowed eyes to see clearly. This simply points on the plus lenses may completely eliminate this flaw and cure 2 diseases at once.

Other factors that increase a risk of strabismus: diseases of a muscles and nerves of a skin eyes, untimely births, Down syndrome, head injury, and others.

In adults, strabismus may occur when an eye injury, his vessels and nerves, loss of vision in one eye, brain tumors, stroke and other neuromuscular disorders.

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