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Although you can learn the most and these simple techniques - for this is a description of a particular exercises in books and on a Internet, and video tutorials.



During a 1st pregnancy for a courses was not hit, in a internet read about the size of a breath to breath 6/6 on the exhale, delivery avail. During a second birthday more help thinking, "That's my girl, she wants to be born, come on, let's Daughter")))).



I was getting ready to leave. Read much of literature, and a Internet. During birthday mom was with me. So I breathed, and when the fight - my mum was massaging the lower back. Breathing helps not to panic, but this is momentous. And good, my mom was with me. One in 12 hours of labor, I probably would get gone mad... However well however a long-awaited birthday to his some son.



Hi, Mum!

Yes, breathing is the foundation of our lives! And in childbirth, proper breathing, the key to success!

A first newborn was born, through the COP, a second giving birth itself (Oh, how cool!).

Prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. Dyhanii. Zapominat read a lot approximately all methods and in what phase however needed-almost nerealno. Glavnoe remember the basic principle (fast, slow exhalation, etc.).

A chief thing that I was afraid of a seam-divergence, or re-COP!

But I chose a more experienced and courageous medical man, she said at a rightly moment to breath and followed along, it gave confidence (which is more required in childbirth).

Now I can say that a birth is gravely, but not terrible, almost no pain, and even enjoyable, I need more, if God will.

I wish you all the ease of bravery and courage and wisdom!

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