May chocolate nursing?


According to a lot of mothers and professionals, there are items that most frequently cause reactions in babies (rash, cramps, agitation). These items frequently incorporate chocolate. Is this true? Can I fresh-feeding chocolate?

A matter "Can chocolate nursing?" Meets consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breast-feeding "Project ProGV", member of the professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

In a West, there is no such item as a "list of foods that mum at GW must be completely avoided," and most nursing moms may eat anything you need. It is impossible to give basic council on nutrition to all mothers at once, because the aging body of every baby is unique: it responded to a baby, can not ignore the other.

If someone in a family has an allergy, then a newborn is more likely to react to a item. Perhaps, so, you'll have to give up about items or apply them in small quantities, but so again, these items will be variant for every baby. According to a lot of mothers and professionals, there are products that most frequently cause reactions in babies (rash, cramps, agitation). Read more -->

All around role-playing games for kids


We all understand as influential it is for the child, especially a role-playing game. In it, he models the life situations of their lives, finds a way out of them, learning to communicate, preparing for adult life. It can be said that during the role-play in the baby's socialization occurs to some extent - a accumulation of social experience and its treatment.

Develop fantasy role playing kid cultivate his horizons. With these games you can even organize a baby's education. In addition, role-playing games may provide a wealth of information on so babies see their family relationships in her that he likes, or, conversely, are concerned. Watching a newborn's play, you can draw conclusions about a developmental and mental well-being of your newborn, his character and temperament.

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May I eat fish, eggs and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


During pregnancy and lactation, a food you eat may affect the baby's building, so nursing mums dietary should consist of nutritious, healthy and non-toxic items. Whether the fish and seafood to a useful and healthy diet food for a mum?

To the matter "May I eat fresh fish, eggs and seafood nursing mother?" Meets expert center for distance learning consultant on breast-feeding, complementary feeding and Babywearing (slingokonsultantov) "Project ProGV" Natalia Tsarev.

All crab is rich in trace elements: potassium, magnesium, and especially phosphorus. A sea crab and seafood are rich in iodine and fluorine. Crab and seafood keep a high nutritional value, not only because of high-property protein, but also due to higher content in fatty fish (like salmon, Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, mackerel, herring, tuna, sardines), fatty acids, Omega-3 and Omega- 6. It is believed that these acids do wonders for our hearts and favorably affect a operation of the entire cardiovascular system. Therefore, pregnant and lactating gerls want to involve in your ration fresh fish and seafood.

However, despite the abundance of nutrients, the fresh fish can be harmful. Read more -->

All tips from moms


- Order Houses

It is as well usually falls on men. Although often connected child grandma and many pick up in their own hands. Maximum outline to meet a newborn and mum:

• Bath windows, wash curtains;

• have rid of a dust on the cabinets and shelves;

• wash the floors, vacuum the rugs / carpet;

• Items that collect dust, good to put in some placement or on the balcony - old gentle toys, old books, etc., and often worth spending a ruthless revision of all that is in a room;

• assemble a crib, hang on the edge of a bumpers;

• Thoroughly wash a babies's powder in the wash machine and iron iron sheets for the newborn;

• hang nightlight in a nursery;

• Wash bath careful cleaning agent approved for children, or protein.

And finally, the surprises and pleasant trifles the time of discharge. There are traditional, shall we say, a classic method to congratulate a girl on the birth of the newborn. This mom flowers, candy and envelope - a nurse, carrying a newborn. But the most creative father, however right how family and friends see fit to surprise and love my mum. Read more -->

May I color my thin hair nursing?


A quest for fine is organic. Women in all ages same to be magnetically and contemporary women are no exception. Only, unfortunately, currently's "beauty products" because of its composition cause mums doubts and fears. Can I mum, breast-feeding, dye a thin hair?

Questions answered by consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breast-feeding "Project ProGV", member of the professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

To date, there are no studies that show a negative impact of this proceedings in warm milk and a newborn's well-being. Because for a lot of mums everywhere breast-feeding is not a hindrance, and you continue to pick up service of your look and to keep efficacious. Most of a counselors on breast-feeding support this approach.

However, it should be noted that a studies showing complete safety of a procedure, either. Read more -->

Symptoms of strabismus


A most common symptoms are:

- A newborn can not direct the eye at a like time at a single point in area. If you be deviates alone slightly, you may not keep noticed;

- Skin eyes not moving together;

- Squints one eye or closed in the sun;

- The baby bends or turns his head to look at the facility;

- A baby bumps into subjects (strabismus impairs depth perception of area).

Older infants may complain of blurred vision, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, split items. Symptoms may come and go. Normally, they get worse when a child is tired or sick.

How for a children, their be can be diskoordinirovannym at first, but by 3-4 weeks of life, both skin eyes must be equalized. In any cases, babies with a broad bridge of strabismus may be apparent. But if, after four months of life a baby's skin eyes are not looking at one point most of the time, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.

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Moms share their experience: a treatment of the common coldness during pregnancy


Because of dropped immunity few men during pregnancy avoided colds. When a 1st specific ailments expectant mother begins to worry and panic - the like treatment, so so not to harm a baby. We asked mothers on the site of what is permitted during pregnancy helps to overcome a common coldness, and you gathered a whole experience in one material.

When the first symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) need call the doctor - is serious however soon however potential to make an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before the arrival of a medic may relieve your condition in the following ways.

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