So old makeup differs with winter


Also in the nourishing creams need be included vitamin supplements. Most frequently it is vitamin A, which promote the synthesis of new face cells, and vitamin E, which is well-fed and moisturizing.

For young skin creams, especially the summer, look for sebostaticheskie components: extracts of chamomile, calendula, arnica, myrrh, burdock, lime. You control the production of sebum, keep mattifying properties.


In a spring we all really need to substitute the facial skin to a sun, but our facial skin tells us to "thank you", if earlier we use a cream with SPF. Sun protection is necessary for all, even office workers who spend all day in a room. But, choosing the level of protection, of course, want to consider your lifestyle. You work in a office, in the garden or spend a holiday by a sea, get to work on foot, subway or car, etc.

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Mothers share the experience: breathing exercises during labor


Courses for pregnant necessarily taught how to breathe during labor. What these exercises, and whether or not to help in this crucial time? This we learned from mothers themselves.

Proper breathing - a extremely momentous condition for lightness and painless childbirth. The fact that a breathing exercises Oxygenating body of mom and baby, and helps distract with the pain, manage stress and control the whole process of responsible long-awaited birthday of a baby.

Learning to control your breathing, depending on stage of labor, correct even during pregnancy. Taught this in a first put in a course for expectant mums.



Before birth went on courses, however much happy. Breathing helped great, especially in those moments when it was impossible to push comes to help focus on your breathing. It is as well diverted water, I sat in the shower a entire period of contractions, the pain vanished.



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All tips from mothers


- Order Houses

It is also usually falls on men. Although ofttimes connected newborn grandmother and a lot of pick up in a own hands. Maximum outline to meet the baby and mom:

• Washing windows, washing curtains;

• have rid of the dust on the cabinets and shelves;

• bath a floors, vacuum the rugs / carpet;

• Items that collect dust, perfect to put in some placement or on the balcony - old gentle toys, old books, etc., and occasionally worth spending a ruthless revision of all that is in the apartment;

• assemble a crib, hang on the edge of the bumpers;

• wash out a babies's powder in a wash machine and iron iron sheets for a baby;

• hang nightlight in the nursery;

• Bath bath particular cleaning agent approved for infants, or protein.

And finally, the surprises and pleasant trifles the day of discharge. There are traditional, shall we say, the classic method to congratulate a woman on the birthday of the child. This mum flowers, candy and envelope - a nurse, carrying a child. But the most creative father, however rightly however family and friends see fit to surprise and love my mother. Read more -->

Mothers share their experience: a treatment of the common coldness during pregnancy


Because of reduced immunity some people during pregnancy avoided colds. When the first specific ailments expectant mom begins to worry and panic - a same treatment, however however not to harm the baby. We asked moms on the site of what is allowed during pregnancy helps to overcome the common coldness, and you gathered the whole experience in one material.

When a 1-st symptoms of catarrhal diseases (SARS, influenza) want call a physician - is important however soon how possible to create an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before the arrival of the medic may relieve their condition in a following ways.

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There is a simple universal technique for promoting the development of pupil's heartiness - is adherence to the time. It is a sufficient volume of sleep and the need to walk outside. A dream is nothing to add to, talk about it all: teachers, moms and dads, the leading television programs. As for walking, then, for approximately reason, we possess not decided to let infants go out later dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in the street, unfavorable company, unavailability of a baby immediately of the the walk taken for homework - all compelling, but only parents invented arguments. Read more -->

Can I drink pregnant?


May I drink of the 12-13 weeks pregnant? Yes, in a second and 3-rd trimester of the expectant mum is allowed to make a duo of sips of wine or beer to calm down his "thirst for tasting." So, only in a case that there is no pathology or medical contraindications.

By a technique, during pregnancy must avoid taking a bath with champagne or beer fountains, how a skin absorbs a alcohol, and a metered consumption process impossible.

Thus, during pregnancy it is complete to give up alcohol and replace it with helpful fresh food, organic juices, go for a walk, ask the man she loved to do a foot massage or back... This will allow you to relax and get all the required endorphins, and the reward for the "self-control" will have a healthy newborn.

Be rightly, and lightness you pregnant!

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As old makeup differs with winter


Summer for hand maintenance cream is desirable to apply a lighter texture. Some cosmetic enterprises keep separate mitt creams for winter and summer. Choosing the cream at a store, make sure that its composition does not comprise glycerin. This insidious component. A 1st effect is that you get by using a fluid with glycerin - smooth and silky facial skin. But in the long term, it is harmful to a skin, how it prevents a penetration of oxygen and accelerates aging.

Accurately chosen home maintenance facilities are often able to bring the face more good than professional treatments that are made from time to time. Read more -->

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