Not: alternative education


If a baby is sick however ofttimes that his stay at a school in accordance with a standard schedule does not bring good effect due in school and only adds to a emotional state of the child, moms and dads must think seriously about the size of other forms of training.

Individual schedule. By agreement with the management of the school may attend a lecture at school, going to consult with teachers or attend school a few hours a week (for example, with an output on a Wednesday or Thursday). This format is ideal for babies who enjoy a poor self-organization.

Education at home. If a baby has a serious illness for which he has to stay at home for a long time, the teacher can come to the home, to advise on the subject and check homework.

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Can chocolate nursing?


During breast-feeding moms do a lot of stretches hand to anything confection, since milk production is a lot of glucose with a mom's blood, and with a lack of it may cause headaches, depressed mood and fatigue. The body, so an intelligent self-regulating system immediately delivers this signal, and a mum can only listen to his "voice." Meet this should a variety of ways: approximately close dry apples, some replenish cakes and biscuits, and someone ofttimes recalls a delightful tasting of chocolate.

Since ancient times, it was observed that chocolate is an efficacious inducer of positive emotions, and a ancient Aztecs believed that he gives strength and wisdom. Thanks therein effective chemicals antidepressants, like caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine, chocolate attributed a lot of good affinity. For example, modern scientists keep proved that chocolate helps produce seratonin - a hormone of happiness, and its flavor - secretory immunoglobulin A - an influential component of antiviral defense. Chocolate is also rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. The basic plus apply the popular delicacy (in addition, of course, enjoying the nice tasting) - reducing a likelihood of atherosclerosis. Read more -->

What are these rules?


- Complete apply bezammiachnoy paint or ink on a natural basis (henna, Basma). This will not only protect yourself and your baby, but as well pick up leaving of your thin hair.

- Before painting it would be beautiful to hold a standard test for an allergic reaction. Even if you enjoy used this paint earlier, checking does not hurt, because the changed hormones can lead to unexpected reactions.

- Provide better hair coloring in a rightly-ventilated area. By this measure, It is possible to reduce a concentration of volatile toxic substances that evaporate in a coloring process.

- Of the this process, it would be fine to walk in the recent air.

- Depending on a age of the baby, It is possible to consider my mom to express her portion of natural milk in advance, in case if a baby is hungry during or immediately later the staining procedure.

Also, nursing mums who possess decided to change the hair color, you require to keep in mind what may be quite various, unplanned shade due to changes in hormonal levels.

In a case, a selection is his mom. Of course, lovely and confident, it will give more love and affection to his family. At the same time, women during pregnancy and lactation on a nice and harmonious nature, for in this technique to satisfy her deepest and most ancient domestic demands.

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May I color my thin hair nursing?


The quest for nice is organic. Gerls in all ages similar to be attractive and modern gerls are no exception. Only, unfortunately, currently's "beauty items" because of its composition cause moms doubts and fears. May I mom, breastfeeding, dye a thin hair?

Questions answered by consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on lactation "Project ProGV", member of a professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

To date, there are no studies that show a negative impact of this process in natural natural milk and a newborn's hygiene. Because for a lot of moms everywhere breast-feeding is not a hindrance, and they continue to pick up care of the externality and to keep efficacious. Most of a counselors on breast-feeding support this approach.

However, it need be noted that a studies showing complete safety of the process, either. Read more -->

Moms share their experience: a bag to a hospital


For a child

You may keep collected two sets of items: for the child in the hospital and at discharge. If the first set then you will wish a like time however the above things, a other - It is possible to convey a husband or mom on the day of discharge. Toddler dressed in nice clothes once earlier you are discharged from a hospital. By a method, to a like put before and a clothes in which you are going to leave a hospital and have congratulations husband and relatives.

However, what is useful child in the hospital:

• Set of clothes (depending on time of year) or body vests, diapers, socks, "antitsarapki" couple bonnets first size.

• Diaper least 4 items: 2 cotton flannel and 2 sizes 60x90, in many hospitals they are.

• Child diapers for babies (2 to 5 kilogram), 20-25 items.

• Cotton swabs with stop and cotton pads.

• Limited scissors for nail.

Prepare the body to juice / jumpsuit, hat / cap and envelope (winter / summer version, be for the weather).

We listed all a things that are most likely to be effective in the hospital, based on a comments in our mothers collecting experience. How, we can not fail to mention some of a other tips that may be useful in preparing expectant mothers for childbirth.

Fluid for stretch marks will help the facial skin to return to its former state, will serve as prevention of unpleasant consequences of pregnancy. A general thing is to find the time for it at a hospital.

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There is a simple universal technique for promoting a growth of pupil's soundness - is adherence to a day. It is a sufficient amount of sleep and the wish to walk outside. A dream is nothing to add, talk about it all: teachers, parents, a leading television programs. However for walking, so, for some cause, we have not decided to let babies go out later dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in a street, unfavorable company, unavailability of a baby immediately after a walk taken for homework - all compelling, but alone moms and dads invented arguments. Read more -->

10 strict "no" during pregnancy



The instructions to a drug always indicated, whether it is contraindicated for pregnant women. Otherwise better once again consult your medical man. Prohibited during pregnancy vasoconstrictor nasal drops, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, aspirin, any antibiotics, etc.


Of a sufficiently large number of useful herbs meet those that may cause a miscarriage, and those that get a negative capacity on a fetus. Learn which herbs are contraindicated, may be in our Encyclopedia.


During pregnancy, avoid lifting heavy objects (no more than 2 kg). This rash move could cause a miscarriage. This is specifically influential when the hypertonicity of the uterus.

X-rays and fluorography

At a risk of X-ray irradiation damage to a nervous system of the baby. Read more -->

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