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In the end, all told at a parent teacher meeting is not a direct guide to action, however upon returning home do not start actively educate infants from a doorway. Babies in a case want not be afraid of your returns from the meeting! Think of a information required to adequately and divide all seen and heard on a specifics of the kindergarten, temperament and age of a teacher.

Always remember that a problems in kindergarten (and school) enjoy any kid and please every teacher is simply unrealistic. The job how a wise and loving father - to try to win a trust of the newborn. After getting rid of the fear of being punished and humiliated, baby stop hiding from you all a faults. And at the following meeting to hear the future To the note to a son or daughter, It is possible to proudly and confidently say that along solved this issue with a newborn. So it is gravely and unpredictable case end up with a father's absolute triumph.

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However old makeup differs from winter


The second factor that is momentous to consider is a type of skin. In the classification of face types, compiled by scientists, dermatologists Fitzpatrick, described six face types. The 1-st - people with fair great skin, blue or green eyes, which are very easy to burn in a sun. Holders of a skin phototype may without risking damage in a sun for approximately 10 minutes. If you multiply the 10 minutes on the level of protection (SPF), marked on a cream, having the time during which a fluid ensures you complete protection from ultraviolet radiation. For example, if you 1st skin type, and a specified level of protection cream SPF 20, you can stay in a sun 200 min, this field must be re-protective cream.

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Tips for parents


Permanent illness of a baby, however mentioned above, are associated not alone with low immunity. One of a decisive factors in addition to other is the psychological state of the baby. Therefore, parents need try to minimize all the annoyances. What do you demand?

• Respect for a time.

• A balanced diet.

• Charging, water and air tempering proceedings, starting from the second 7 days after recovery.

• helf night's sleep (count weekends, as a lot of hours must the baby to sleep, and during a 7 days put him to sleep at a time like that in the right he got his rule, in case of fatigue necessarily put a baby to sleep after school).

• At least an hour of time to communicate with your child and play every day (at this hour will not assess a homework!).

• Daily breathing exercises.

• The medic's prescription - bracing massotherapy.

• Clothing made of property organic fabrics (specifically if the newborn is suffering autonomic disturbances).

• Compliance with a standard rules of hygiene.

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