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The correct breathing and tell about antenatal:



I tried to breathe so so taught in a consultation: belly, slowly and methodically. It helped immensely. I must say that the alone thing that helped me ease a pain, even though I tried to use other methods (stroking the lower abdomen, for example, etc.), you are getting worse. A breath of beautiful help to relax and fight complete tolerated

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If you solve to learn breathing exercises, put it much seriously. It is momentous to learn so to perform them well: proper breathing contributes to a process of labor and wrong - it just complicates and slows down.

Approximately mothers and online reading, and courses are taught proper breathing, but when the hour "X", you lost everything and completely overlooked:



In courses taught in the books she was reading, but when the moment came - all out of my head out. What is breathing - when later 113:00 contractions do not have to think?



Girls, what did you give sadists 25 hours, 2 times? Deliveries should not finish more than 18 hours, more if it is testimony to a COP.

Pregnant learned to breathe from a video, in the hospital, I forgot all screaming, sobbing, gnawing tile, shorter behaved abominably.

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What a father should teach his son


Do not be afraid to ask

If the waiter brought another order, do not be silent. If the chef overdone, do not be silent. Never hesitate to demand what you paid for, or that you must. If my wife asks what to cook for dinner, always answer. Never say, "Oh, I do not know... I do not attention, cook that she want...".

Learn to negotiate

Having negotiation skills, It is possible to always have good. Read more -->

May chocolate nursing?


According to many mothers and professionals, there are items that most frequently cause reactions in babies (rash, cramps, agitation). These products ofttimes incorporate chocolate. Is this true? May I fresh-feeding chocolate?

A issue "May chocolate nursing?" Meets consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breast-feeding "Project ProGV", member of the professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

In a West, there is no such thing as a "list of foods that mother at GW must be completely avoided," and most nursing mothers may eat anything you wish. It is impossible to give basic advice on nutrition to all mothers at once, because a body of each baby is unique: it responded to a newborn, may not ignore a other.

If someone in the family has an allergy, so the child is more likely to react to a product. Perhaps, then, you'll possess to give up approximately products or use them in small quantities, but then again, these items will be different for each baby. According to a lot of mothers and professionals, there are items that most ofttimes cause reactions in babies (rash, cramps, agitation). Read more -->

Most school infection


So your kid went to school, and behind is the first training for six months. What if the child "does not have out," in a series of colds and again misses class? Someone 2-3 times a year (and it must not be a worry, because it is considered the norm), and some one does not attend school for week! Let's face it.

Students who more than 5-6 minutes a year is sent to the hospital, doctors are called frequently ill. Unfortunately, many of these infants. Queues at paediatricians do not disappear even in the summer, raising concerns of doctors, teachers, and, of course, moms and dads. As, so ofttimes students are sick, why the child's aging body may not fight infections and what to do to a disease occurred less frequently? First items 1-st.

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Go to the doctor


If you notice at the symptoms of varicose veins, do not lower the situation on a brakes. Itself does not go away, but a worst may be easily, specifically if you're going to do the kinds of exercise that are contraindicated for varicose veins. So, first of all, we need to go to the medic-phlebologist to clarify how serious (this is normally necessary to pass ultrasound vascular bed). Depending on the effect the medic will decide what to do - to wait (if the symptoms of the disease are minimal) or assign fizioterepevticheskoe or medication. If a symptoms of the disease however far, there is only a genetic predisposition to it, visit phlebologist would not hurt. A physician will tell you as not to provoke the disease.

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Moms share their experience: hair attention later giving birthday


Hair following childbirth: a treatment of folk remedies

There are a lot of ways to restore hair in the home. It is possible to beginning by wash the thin hair decoction or exceptional restorative shampoo with added herbal extracts.



I drank vitamin with calcium, eat cottage cheese (yes, he told me not bored during pregnancy), soap head herbal decoctions.

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To strengthen the hair, and in particular a root, It is possible to apply a everlasting grandma's recipe covers with organic ingredients. Here are approximately of them:

- 1 chicken egg mix with 1 tablespoon of honey and apply on the thin hair for 20 minutes before washing, wearing with of plastic material cap, later time rinse shampoo.

- Soak in warm h2o or soup burdock roots rye fresh bread, the resulting slurry is used to the thin hair for 15 minutes earlier wash.

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