First newborn porridge


Until newly, a porridge has a place in a food of crumbs of the alone one component of mashed vegetables. Recently, however, a lot of doctors recommend that moms and dads are increasingly becoming familiar with the dishes crumb feeding it with cereal. This is due to the fact that the mess of their consistency and taste sensations caused by a closest to natural milk.

Moreover, it contains vitamins and minerals meet the demands of a growing body of a indispensable enrichment of the ration. Later a 5-6th month of life a baby in need of any trace elements can not be satisfied alone with fresh natural milk.

According to a recommendations of the National Programme feeding of babies in Russia (Revised 2011), a sequence of individual products and a introduction of complementary meal dishes depends on the health, nutritional status of the child (the ratio of height and mass), and a functional state of his digestive system. Thus, babies with low birth mass and increased stool as the first general foods should be introduced industrial cereal fortified with iron, calcium, zinc and iodine. But in infants with a big aging body mass and are prone to constipation foods to beginning with a veg puree.

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The correct breathing and tell about antenatal:



I tried to breathe so so taught in a consultation: belly, slowly and methodically. It helped immensely. I must say that the alone thing that helped me ease a pain, even though I tried to use other methods (stroking the lower abdomen, for example, etc.), you are getting worse. A breath of beautiful help to relax and fight complete tolerated

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If you solve to learn breathing exercises, put it much seriously. It is momentous to learn so to perform them well: proper breathing contributes to a process of labor and wrong - it just complicates and slows down.

Approximately mothers and online reading, and courses are taught proper breathing, but when the hour "X", you lost everything and completely overlooked:



In courses taught in the books she was reading, but when the moment came - all out of my head out. What is breathing - when later 113:00 contractions do not have to think?



Girls, what did you give sadists 25 hours, 2 times? Deliveries should not finish more than 18 hours, more if it is testimony to a COP.

Pregnant learned to breathe from a video, in the hospital, I forgot all screaming, sobbing, gnawing tile, shorter behaved abominably.

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- Order Houses

It is also usually falls on men. Although ofttimes connected newborn grandmother and a lot of pick up in a own hands. Maximum outline to meet the baby and mom:

• Washing windows, washing curtains;

• have rid of the dust on the cabinets and shelves;

• bath a floors, vacuum the rugs / carpet;

• Items that collect dust, perfect to put in some placement or on the balcony - old gentle toys, old books, etc., and occasionally worth spending a ruthless revision of all that is in the apartment;

• assemble a crib, hang on the edge of the bumpers;

• wash out a babies's powder in a wash machine and iron iron sheets for a baby;

• hang nightlight in the nursery;

• Bath bath particular cleaning agent approved for infants, or protein.

And finally, the surprises and pleasant trifles the day of discharge. There are traditional, shall we say, the classic method to congratulate a woman on the birthday of the child. This mum flowers, candy and envelope - a nurse, carrying a child. But the most creative father, however rightly however family and friends see fit to surprise and love my mother. Read more -->

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